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Will a Flat Tax or Cain’s 9-9-9 Save Money? You decide

There has been considerable controversy over a variety of Republican proposed tax plans. With the Super Committee’s efforts to decide how to save $1 trillion the US Treasury Department could cough up a little chunk.

 The proposed 2012 Budget for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is $14 billion, a long way short of the 1 Trill we need, but a good start.  With the adoption of any plan: Flat Tax, Fair Tax, or Cain’s 9-9-9 will eliminate about 80% of the IRS funding.  That would result in a budget reduction of over $11 Billion- that’s a lot of bananas. That money would go straight to the bottom line of our tax payers and eliminate an estimated $14 Billion in tax preparation in the private sector.

The below link is from the official US Treasury budget, The Executive Summary.  This will verify the numbers I have outlined and you can apply your own assumptions, but we know that the IRS Tax Code is definately a make work program that is neither fair nor effectively adminstrated.



“The Greatest Recession” since “The Great Depression,”

I don’t know if I can classify myself as an economist because I don’t have a degree in Economics, but I wrote an economics  book so that must count for something. Maybe that makes me a “qwaz-I economist.”
I have two family members who have been impacted by “The Greatest Recession” since “The Great Depression,”  The real economists said the recession is over, but my unemployed friends don’t believe them anymore then they believe in the “boogie man”, with the exception of the current resident at 1600 Pennsy Ave.
I keep reading about Paul Krugman, whose credentials classify him as an economist. I classify him as an idiot, but he is more a “pitchman” for the far left and very large mouth piece for the Obamanation White House.
Krugman keeps coming up with unorthodox revelations in the economic world.  Recently he stated that Republicans are “uncompassionate” because they don’t support big government programs that give away “benefits” that have been re-termed “entitlements”
If you don’t believe unemployment should be extended another year, then you don’t believe that you should be able to get a degree in unemployment. It would definitely be a BS Degree. It comes with a minor in Leisure Activities.
My two family members who have been impacted by “the Greatest Recession since the Great Depression”  which is protracted in the same fashion as FDR by providing programs that do not end the recession are taking different approaches to the recovery.
Relative #1-  He works as an auto detailer for used car lots and private individuals.  Cash for Clunkers hurt his business.  He hustles and works hard and often makes over $1,000 per week detailing cars.  Recently, a customer asked if he could do some landscaping.  He said yes and spent two days planting, laying gravel,  and beautifying her yard.  She gave him $1,000 for his effort because of the professional job he did.  While he is suffering from the recession he manages to feed his family without any government assistance.
I have another relative, Relative #2,  who was fired from his last job over a year ago.  He moved in with his mother and looks for “the perfect job” on-line  and e-mails resumes.  He is in no hurry to find a job because he lives rent free and has an income, which may carry him 3 years if the latest  Jobs Plan goes through.
For those who would never wash cars for a living, one relative made $2,000 last week.  The other spent most of his time on the couch eating potato chips complaining about all the day time re-runs, while wondering when dinner would be ready.  Krugman believes that relative #2 is the product of compassion and relative #1 who busts his butt everyday is forced to work due to his lack of compassion.
As a comparison consider this:  There is a $10,000 fine for feeding dolphins because giving them handouts creates dependency.  While dolphins are entertaining to watch, people sitting on couches eating potato chips, wondering if their unemployment check has been deposited in their account yet, are not as much fun to watch. I don’t have much compassion for the person who has to get up from their couch to go on-line to check their bank balance to see if their unemployment check has been deposited.
Moral of the Story:  Teach a man how to wash a car and you have taught him how to feed his family. That is real compassion.

President Obama Attempts to Swim to Alcatraz

             Last week a secret meeting of the world’s nine economic super powers met in San Francisco. The meetings discussed the current policies of each nation and their plans for the future in the wake of the Global Turn-Off.   (In California that means Recession, “the Big R word,” Got it, Dude?  Wow!!!)

          As one of the planned closing events of the meeting, the nine leaders met at North Beach. The event: The Economic Leaders Swim to Alcatraz.  It was a nice sunny day for San Francisco, about 65 degrees. Mark Twain said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” In San Francisco, 65 degrees is considered a heat wave. What could they possibly know about Global Warming?

          As each Economic Leader lined up near the sandy beach they were handed a wet suit and swimming fins. They immediately prepared for the difficult swim in 49 degree water.  President Obama, the tallest and most youthful, lined up last. He was his usual 20 minutes late. He probably stopped for a cheese burger and fries with Michele out of sight of the media.

          He was handed a blind fold to hold while ankle weights were attached to his legs. His hands were tied behind his back. Looking at the others, he asked, “How can I get my wet suit on like this?”

         The reply was, “You won’t be getting a wet suit.” He said, “Hey, that water is 49 degrees I could freeze in that water if I don’t drown first.”  “Yes, we know,” said the organizer of the event.

          Obama looked around and noticed all the Economic leaders had not only wet suits but swimming fins. Obama yelled, “Hey, that’s not fair I can’t compete like this. I have weights on my legs, no wet suit, my hands are tied behind my back, and they are using flippers.”

          “Mr. President, you are exactly right. The other nations competing against you are swimming in the same treacherous, cold waters as you.  They are neither shackled nor blinded with the restraints that we have offered you.

          The rubber in their wet suits represents their maximizing the use of their natural resources. They do not have the weights of heavy handed government regulation. They are not handcuffed with Transportation, Energy, EPA, and Department of Homeland Security policies like America. They have flippers to aid them through the currents of the dangerous waters that await you. Your blindfold represents how you have developed your economic policies ignoring what history has taught you.”

          President Obama shouted out, “This isn’t fair. I have no chance of winning this way. I may even die.” 

       A reply came from someone wearing a zebra colored referee outfit.  “Now you know how the American people feel.” And he yelled, “On your Mark – Get Set – GOOOOOO.”



Real Solution for Immigration Reform

A Real Solution for Immigration Reform for those States Who Want to Preserve Freedom

Obama’s Freedom Bus to Chicago

Each Border State should offer every illegal $500 when they get off the Freedom Bus in Chicago.  Re-settlement camps can be set up in Lincoln Park.  Each person will be given a sign that says, “Thank You Obama.  We will vote for you in 2012.” We can flood Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles for starters and then “move-on” to other major Blue State Cities.  If these liberals want them, they can have them. They can vote for Hope and Change in the States that want it. We don’t have to take it anymore.

 I say open the gates and let em’ in.  Our buses will meet them at the border and we will take them for ride. Think of the immediate benefits: the jails will be vacant, schools can start teaching in English again, and the lines at the Emergency Rooms will be shorter and no more long waits on Election Day and best of all, you can leave your car running when you go to the 7-11 to buy your Stimulus Lottery Tickets.

I only have one question: How do you unionize illegals if every time you walk into the workplace they run away and hide?   Oh, that is a problem for Obama, Botox Pelosi, Barbi Boxer and Her Eminence Diane Feinstein. By the way: How come illegals can afford to live in California but working people can’t?

Note: I lived in California and worked around Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein in their early days in politics.   Now I live in Florida. In the immortal words of MLK, who was named after many streets in America, “I am Free at Last, Free at Last.”

Gov. Brewer Refuses DOJ Permit to Sell Guns to Drug Cartels

Governor Brewer Refuses Holder Permit to Sell Guns To Drug Cartels

ATF Officers at Flea Market

Governor Brewer is playing Tit for Tat with the highest Law Officer in the Land. Many say it is a grudge match, but Governor Brewer said that Eric Holder and his band of Outlaws may not sell guns to Drug Dealers in the State of Arizona without a permit.

Many think this is revenge for the Court Order to stop asking  illegals if they are illegal.  DOJ Chief Holder said SB 1070 was clearly a racist act and that all illegals, especially for those caught in stolen cars, should not have to produce any form of identification.  In a public statement Holder said all illegals should be given new cars as retribution for our collective racist behavior.  Shortly after this statement, President Obama announced his plan.

The theory is really quite simple and it makes a lot of sense from the Governments point of view. If all illegals were issued new cars they would not have to steal cars and that would immediately reduce the crime rate.    It was initially thought this bold move would immediately put Union Workers back to work. But, in a turnaround move by the White House, President Obama signed a Trade Agreement with Mexico.  President Obama ordered that all cars given to illegals will be made in Mexico.  That way the Instruction Manuals would only have to be printed in Spanish rather than the costly Manuals in the US that are printed in English, Spanish and Arabic.

At a joint press conference, President Calderon thanked President Obama for the new factory to be built by GM at no cost to Mexico.   Obama said it was the least he could do after Mexico was kind enough to send him so many new voters. He also mentioned that they would be returning on November 7th 2012 after the election.

 Governor Brewer’s move was equally bold because her lawsuit against the DOJ  included a Cease and Desist Order. She managed to serve the C & D Order on ATF Agents at the Flea Market where they were selling heavy artillery.   Later that day she personally called Attorney General Holder and gave him a great suggestion. She said, “Since the Texas border is longer than ours, why don’t you just smuggle guns into Mexico from Texas and sell them in Mexico?”  His first response was that based on Mexican law it was illegal to smuggle guns into Mexico and secondly, he said, “Jan, do you know what those people are like, it is far too dangerous.”

Holder followed up with the Governor by asking why she was “making a such big deal about a measly couple of million dollars in gun sales?”   She said, “To be honest with your Eric, you started it when you sent me that letter requiring the Girl Scouts to have permits to sell cookies.”  “You said it was to protect the people, so I will be damned if I let you sell guns to drug dealers in Arizona without a permit.”

 After a short pause, the Attorney General replied, “Jan, I will get back to you. I have a long distance call on the other line.  I think it’s Mexico with another order for AK-47s.”