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Donuts at 5 a.m.

I am in Phoenix on a book tour visiting several Tea Party Groups this week. I have lots of things to write about but couldn’t resist publishing this item from the road.

Being 3 times zones away from real life I get up very early and start my day way before the chickens get up.  I drive around and experience the best Columbian coffee I can find in what ever shop is open at 5am.  Today I found the Dunkin Donuts at  24th St near Wal-Mart.  I was followed in by seven of Phoenix’ Finest.
One of the officer’s saw my Manatee Tea Party shirt from the back  which says “Defend Your Constitution.”   He asked what I was doing in Phoenix and I told him I was speaking to Tea Party groups all week.  This lead to a litany of  questions and interesting discussions.
I  had seen a number of Grow Shops and I asked about them and they confirmed what I suspected:  medical marijuana.  (Everyone in Phoenix is now eligible for a disease. You just have to pick the right Doctor to diagnose what you want to have. )
I asked how it was working?  They said crime is up and requires more man power.  The growers are being raided by gangs who steal the  crops in the  houses. Also, since it is a “cash crop” they are not realizing any tax money from the legal shops.
I asked how the shops were established and was told me “the pot heads put the initiative on the ballot and it passed.”  Also he pointed out that the drug issue is controlled by Federal Law and they have limited authority to control the situation.
My tee shirt was right- we need to “Defend the Constitution.”