Budgeting for Freedom

Budgeting for Freedom 

Now is the time to start budgeting for the 2012 Election Year.  It is going to be an  exciting year with a greatly expanded base of energized Republicans, Conservatives,  and Tea Party members working together to return the country and the White  House to the people of America. We  must end the tyrannical leadership in Washington that only represents half of  the people in United States of America. We need a President that will work for  all of us.

Here is something to think about while you are  wondering how much you have left to spend after paying for high priced gasoline  and sky rocketing food prices that seem to go up every week. Political  Contributions may not be high on your list. If you have only a little money  left over each month consider this idea. It is easy and almost painless

1) – Decide how much money you want to devote to political  contributions: maybe $50, $75, $100 or more.   How long does it take to fill a jar with your left over change? After  all, isn’t that what Candidate Obama promised us: Change?  Let’s put his change to work. Start a Freedom  Jar today.  Make a label, put it on your  Freedom Jar and put it where you can see it.

 2)  Identify local  elections that you would like to support.   You don’t have to support every race.   Pick a race that is important to you

3)  Next look at your  State elections.  These races are often overlooked.  Contact your local party or your county  election office.  Find out what races are  coming up and get involved

4)  Your Congressman  is up for re-election every two years and 2012 will be a big year.  Are you happy with your representative?  Is there a move underway to replace your  current representative?   Find out who will be running in 2012

5)  Next consider  your US Senator.  Is it time for a change?  Have they been in Washington too long?  Find out who the challengers are and begin to  watch what is happening in your local area and around the stateIt is important to support  your US Senate candidates because people tend to follow party lines. In most  cases, the presidential election goes to the same party as the US Senate

6) If you are satisfied with your existing representatives  and they are secure consider this.   Donate to an out of state Senatorial Race.   Look  at the candidates who are opposing them.   There may be multiple candidates

7)   You  can make a difference if you send only $5 or $10 to a variety of candidates  locally and around the country.  After  you have identified candidates or races to support divide up your total  allocation.  Give to the candidates you
support and then your local party.  When  you give to the Party They Decide.  When  you give to the candidate You Decide. Make a commitment.  Every dollar helps.

Freedom is not Free.
Read my article You Have to Buy a Ticket at
RedCounty.comGo to http://www.redcounty.com/you-have-buy-a-ticket#

To help preserve freedom everyone should be aware of the tyrannical threats of Socialism. To help educate yourself  get my book The Road to Socialism: A Choice between Capitalism and Socialism


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