Phil’s Bio

Biography of Philip L. Frommholz, MBA

Philip Frommholz

Phil is a small business owner who operates a local moving company in Sarasota  Florida. His previous experience was working as an Operational Consultant at  Bank of America, a Business Analyst for a company that did Fixed Income  Securities Processing for large banks, and operating a small chain of Old  Fashioned Candy Stores. He is also an author and a patriotic participant with the Republican Party of Sarasota Executive Committee and belongs to a number of Tea Party Groups in the area and is often invited to speak at local groups.

He began his writing career recapping his experience working with the White House Events Staff. His moving company, Phil the Mover, was asked to do the set-up work for President Bush’s planned visit to Sarasota. The day of the event was September 11, 2001. Phil detailed his experiences leading up to President Bush’s announcement to the world that that we had been attacked by terrorists. His story did not end on 9/11. He was planning to get his Private Pilot’s License to begin training on September 11th. He rescheduled his first lesson to work with the White House. The news of the events of 9/11 revealed that the terrorists trained at the Flight School, in Venice, Florida where Phil was about to begin his training. Phil is now an active Private Pilot.

As a writer, his popularity continues to grow.  His insightful commentary and his casual, entertaining approach to political reporting makes Phil unique in the world of political writing. He can be both serious and humorous depending upon the issue.   His first book, The Road to Socialism, is an easy to read commentary based on the works of F.A.  Hayek the Austrian philosopher and economist
who wrote the classic work, The Road to Serfdom in 1944.  Phil felt this
powerful message should be shared with Americans and he adapted the principles in Hayek’s classic book writing a brief history of America and using American examples to present the important ideas of one of Europe’s greatest thinkers.  His message highlights the failures we have witnessed over the last 100 years as we move closer to a socialist society.

Phil is married to Judy Weber and together they raised Judy’s daughter Jackie who recently blessed them with a granddaughter on August 2nd. He has two other grown children living in the Las Vegas area. His daughter Kalian and her
husband Ken have provided three more grandchildren: Kyler 7, and the twins
Kaden and Kole who just turned four.  Phil makes breakfast when he visits. Their
favorite breakfast is Donuts and Ice Cream.

The second edition of his book reveals his secrets of how to implement a local plan to win back the White House.  He has also published a paper highlighting his plan.

Contact Phil for a copy of his 12 page plan at 941-350-2150 or E-mail him at

UPDATE:  He is beginning a book tour in Phoenix, Arizona. Upon his return he will be talking to groups in Florida and the Gulf Coast States.  His current message is, “How to Beat Obama in 2012.”


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