President Obama Kills 20,000 Jobs on the Keystone Pipeline by Philip Frommholz

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Is President Obama playing politics by pandering to the environmentalists at the cost of the American People

The “Right” has accused the president of playing politics with the America People by refusing his commitment to the Keystone Pipeline which was in the Taxpayer Withholding  Extension Bill passed in December.   The president’s failure to implement the pipeline portion of the bill is an arbitrary violation of the law. 

Jay Carney,the boyish White House Press Secretary,  at the January 18th Press Briefing double talked his way through the briefing invoking concerns about air and water quality by the Republican Governor of Nebraska. When was the last time the president made a decision to support a republican in any capacity? 

In contrast to the statement made by Carney, today Govenor Heineman said that he was disapointed with the presidents decision and that he is ready to sign an agreement to reroute the pipeline. In reponse to the presidents decision the Governor said, ” Really what he was saying in denying the permit was ‘no’ to American jobs and ‘yes’ to a greater dependence on Middle Eastern oil,” he said. “We want to put America back to work.”

Carney explained that the president’s decision was based on  the advice of the State Department, stating that they did not have time to review alternative routes.  It has been estimated that studying alternative routes could take years.  

When Carney was asked if this deferment of job creation is against the president’ commitment to job creation, his non-answer was “the republicans put an arbitrary issue in the tax cut bill extension.”  Why is creating jobs and becoming energy independent “arbitrary issue”?  Why does the State Department have veto power over the president’s signature on a law? This is nothing short of political posturing. 

In response to the question “Is the president concerned that this is a political lightning rod that also goes against the unions?”  Carney insisted that we have a “process” in the State Department that concerns itself with the health and safety of our children, economics, national security, and other economic issues and this process takes many years. This is another example of stonewalling. 

With all the tap dancing that Carney could muster, he did not overturn the hypocrisy of the president’s position on oil and gas. This is not a prosperity minded president. Economic prosperity never enters the discussion of the president or his staff.  When the sovereignty of the government process outweighs the benefits to the American people, it is time for a change.  

Over the last three years the State Department studied the issues and the process for the proposed pipeline route. Carney said the need for further study is based on national security issues. Does this mean that Western Nebraska could be more of a threat to our national security then Eastern Nebraska?  

The last time I drove through Western Nebraska no one was home. My guess is that the president doesn’t know where Nebraska is. It may be one of the 57 states he hasn’t visited yet and with five (5) electoral votes it is not on his “most wanted list.”  

The president’s decision to delay goes in direct conflict to Carney’s hardy statement that the “president is committed to energy independence and job creation.” 

In summary: The president is not committed to the job creation, economic prosperity, energy independence or the American people. No one in his administration, including the president, discusses prosperity. It is not a focal point of this administration. 

If prosperity was the cornerstone of his administration we would hear it from the rooftops.  What we hear about is “government regulation” which does not promote prosperity.  Instead, it promotes limited freedom and puts chains on the business’ who are the  drivers of economic prosperity. 

The President’s Commitment: The president’s only commitment is to his re-election campaign in November 2012.  With no other political aspirations to improve the country he despises, it is time for a change. 

Best Bumper Sticker So Far– “Vote for Obama 2012- Vote for HOPE” apparently the change has been eliminated from the mantra.  My guess is that the Democrats do not want to run on change again.   That is how the problem started.

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One response to “President Obama Kills 20,000 Jobs on the Keystone Pipeline by Philip Frommholz

  1. This may well be the carbon dioxide election.
    Doing oil spill contingency planning for the islands of Scotland in 1980 I watched Thatcher create global warming. It was a saw to cut the legs out from under the coal miner’s union that was and had held the UK hostage. With North Sea oil revenue pouring in she played this brilliant card.
    Shine has come off of it. CO2 man made is less than 1/16th of daily output.
    It is and was all about power play grab.

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