“The Greatest Recession” since “The Great Depression,”

I don’t know if I can classify myself as an economist because I don’t have a degree in Economics, but I wrote an economics  book so that must count for something. Maybe that makes me a “qwaz-I economist.”
I have two family members who have been impacted by “The Greatest Recession” since “The Great Depression,”  The real economists said the recession is over, but my unemployed friends don’t believe them anymore then they believe in the “boogie man”, with the exception of the current resident at 1600 Pennsy Ave.
I keep reading about Paul Krugman, whose credentials classify him as an economist. I classify him as an idiot, but he is more a “pitchman” for the far left and very large mouth piece for the Obamanation White House.
Krugman keeps coming up with unorthodox revelations in the economic world.  Recently he stated that Republicans are “uncompassionate” because they don’t support big government programs that give away “benefits” that have been re-termed “entitlements”
If you don’t believe unemployment should be extended another year, then you don’t believe that you should be able to get a degree in unemployment. It would definitely be a BS Degree. It comes with a minor in Leisure Activities.
My two family members who have been impacted by “the Greatest Recession since the Great Depression”  which is protracted in the same fashion as FDR by providing programs that do not end the recession are taking different approaches to the recovery.
Relative #1-  He works as an auto detailer for used car lots and private individuals.  Cash for Clunkers hurt his business.  He hustles and works hard and often makes over $1,000 per week detailing cars.  Recently, a customer asked if he could do some landscaping.  He said yes and spent two days planting, laying gravel,  and beautifying her yard.  She gave him $1,000 for his effort because of the professional job he did.  While he is suffering from the recession he manages to feed his family without any government assistance.
I have another relative, Relative #2,  who was fired from his last job over a year ago.  He moved in with his mother and looks for “the perfect job” on-line  and e-mails resumes.  He is in no hurry to find a job because he lives rent free and has an income, which may carry him 3 years if the latest  Jobs Plan goes through.
For those who would never wash cars for a living, one relative made $2,000 last week.  The other spent most of his time on the couch eating potato chips complaining about all the day time re-runs, while wondering when dinner would be ready.  Krugman believes that relative #2 is the product of compassion and relative #1 who busts his butt everyday is forced to work due to his lack of compassion.
As a comparison consider this:  There is a $10,000 fine for feeding dolphins because giving them handouts creates dependency.  While dolphins are entertaining to watch, people sitting on couches eating potato chips, wondering if their unemployment check has been deposited in their account yet, are not as much fun to watch. I don’t have much compassion for the person who has to get up from their couch to go on-line to check their bank balance to see if their unemployment check has been deposited.
Moral of the Story:  Teach a man how to wash a car and you have taught him how to feed his family. That is real compassion.

2 responses to ““The Greatest Recession” since “The Great Depression,”

  1. Krugman, little Tommy Friedman and our hopefully soon Fired Man in Chief are all examples of “policy” students. There are actual degrees in “policy” of all sorts. This quickly leads to police activity. Rather than real life experience and competition they sit on their brain couch and predict and analyze. None of them has ever been responsible for a 941.
    Entitlement by percentage is still the cancer we need to find a cure for, be it it schools, housing or hiring it does not work. What happens is it leads to unfair burdens on the majority of citizens who believe in themselves.
    Hitler put the world back to work not FDR. We need to avoid the wimp factor we emitted from 1929 t0 1941 or the 21st. Century Hitler in waitings or we will be attacked on multiple fronts. “A Long Row of Candles” chronicled in real time the lead up to WWII we have already had the Short Row of Candles, the Twin Towers.
    We can lead to our own prosperity and that of the world again by relying on experience and our own energy not percent driven “policies”.

  2. In retrospect we should have all bought stock in Lays potato chips, Doritos, and other junk food during the Obama tryrannical FOUR YEAR reign and made some profits from all the couch potatoes sitting in front of the tube and getting fat. Bad! Bad! Couch potatoes…not eating veggies as the evil Queen Michelle La Belle decreed!
    It is amazing how quickly #2 hops off the couch and becomes a triathalon job seeker once the hand-outs cease! I have known some #2 types, highly educated, skilled, yet the enticement of getting a freebie reveals a person’s true colors!
    The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied. Proverbs 13:4 ESV

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