The 6 Wonders of the Obama Jobs Bill, by Barack Pinocchio Obama (BPO)

The 6 Wonders of the Obama Jobs Bill, by Barack Pinocchio Obama (BPO)

            The long awaited  “jobs speech” had a lot of red meat for everyone.  The seas will part and the heavens will open, we know that because he ended his speech with “God, Bless America,” instead of “God Damn America” as he was faithfully taught by “Rev Right.”

          The 32 minute speech could have gotten us to the opening of football season 10 minutes sooner if he eliminated most of  the “Pass this Bill right away” chants. One or two would have been okay. I find over twenty shout outs to Congress a bit excessive for a bill they don’t have time to read. BPO will be adding more details next week. Apparently, the team of writers he hired from Comedy Central for last night’s speech didn’t invent the details yet.  (I am glad he got rid of those speech writers who kept calling us a bunch of racists. But as I always say, It Takes One to Know One.)

 Here are the  6 Wonders  from the Main Event.

1.  Do not use the bridge between Ohio and Kentucky because it needs major repairs and it is ready to fall down. “Pass this Bill immediately to save the innocent fish who might be killed.”

2.  Do not send your children to school:  There are 35,000 dangerous schools in America.  He didn’t mention which ones had the dangerous liberal teachers in them or how many need more police protection. He did mention that some schools have  leaky roofs.  Therefore, kids can’t learn on rainy days. All schools need new windows too. (I thought we fixed that problem with the “Cash for Caulkers Program in the Stimulus Package.”)  I do agree that there is further suffering due to slow internet service which is causing undue hardships on our youngest and brightest. “Pass this bill to stop the frustrated internet nerds from going to the “Fat Food Cafeteria” and stealing  Healthy Low-Cal lunches from dumb kids. ”

3.   Save the Millionaires and Billionaires from the needless suffering and humiliation of paying low taxes. According to Pinocchio they are demanding higher taxes to pay their fair share so they don’t have to hold their heads in shame when they walk by their high tax rate secretaries. Therefore, “Pass this Reform Bill immediately to relieve the undue suffering of our richest Americans .”

 4.  We are laying off teachers while South Korea is hiring.  “ Pass this bill so our teachers can take Rosetta Stone Korean Language lessons and get better jobs.”

 5.  My favorite of all, “This jobs bill will not add one dime to the deficit because my 12 Deficit Disciples will be asked to find another $1 trillion by Thanksgiving so pass this bill.”

 6.   “In closing I would like to say that I have already taken care of the poor and the rich.  We need a jobs bill to put the middle class back to work. Anybody here have any ideas?   If you do, then Pass this bill.”

 See my book above The Road to Socialism.  Thank you Phil


One response to “The 6 Wonders of the Obama Jobs Bill, by Barack Pinocchio Obama (BPO)

  1. Phil, I am glad you are back Hope you are walking really well now. I am sure I am in for a replacement sooner than later. yuk.

    As usual, your article is right on point. I need to get your book.

    Love ya Phil

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