Real Solution for Immigration Reform

A Real Solution for Immigration Reform for those States Who Want to Preserve Freedom

Obama’s Freedom Bus to Chicago

Each Border State should offer every illegal $500 when they get off the Freedom Bus in Chicago.  Re-settlement camps can be set up in Lincoln Park.  Each person will be given a sign that says, “Thank You Obama.  We will vote for you in 2012.” We can flood Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles for starters and then “move-on” to other major Blue State Cities.  If these liberals want them, they can have them. They can vote for Hope and Change in the States that want it. We don’t have to take it anymore.

 I say open the gates and let em’ in.  Our buses will meet them at the border and we will take them for ride. Think of the immediate benefits: the jails will be vacant, schools can start teaching in English again, and the lines at the Emergency Rooms will be shorter and no more long waits on Election Day and best of all, you can leave your car running when you go to the 7-11 to buy your Stimulus Lottery Tickets.

I only have one question: How do you unionize illegals if every time you walk into the workplace they run away and hide?   Oh, that is a problem for Obama, Botox Pelosi, Barbi Boxer and Her Eminence Diane Feinstein. By the way: How come illegals can afford to live in California but working people can’t?

Note: I lived in California and worked around Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein in their early days in politics.   Now I live in Florida. In the immortal words of MLK, who was named after many streets in America, “I am Free at Last, Free at Last.”


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