Gov. Brewer Refuses DOJ Permit to Sell Guns to Drug Cartels

Governor Brewer Refuses Holder Permit to Sell Guns To Drug Cartels

ATF Officers at Flea Market

Governor Brewer is playing Tit for Tat with the highest Law Officer in the Land. Many say it is a grudge match, but Governor Brewer said that Eric Holder and his band of Outlaws may not sell guns to Drug Dealers in the State of Arizona without a permit.

Many think this is revenge for the Court Order to stop asking  illegals if they are illegal.  DOJ Chief Holder said SB 1070 was clearly a racist act and that all illegals, especially for those caught in stolen cars, should not have to produce any form of identification.  In a public statement Holder said all illegals should be given new cars as retribution for our collective racist behavior.  Shortly after this statement, President Obama announced his plan.

The theory is really quite simple and it makes a lot of sense from the Governments point of view. If all illegals were issued new cars they would not have to steal cars and that would immediately reduce the crime rate.    It was initially thought this bold move would immediately put Union Workers back to work. But, in a turnaround move by the White House, President Obama signed a Trade Agreement with Mexico.  President Obama ordered that all cars given to illegals will be made in Mexico.  That way the Instruction Manuals would only have to be printed in Spanish rather than the costly Manuals in the US that are printed in English, Spanish and Arabic.

At a joint press conference, President Calderon thanked President Obama for the new factory to be built by GM at no cost to Mexico.   Obama said it was the least he could do after Mexico was kind enough to send him so many new voters. He also mentioned that they would be returning on November 7th 2012 after the election.

 Governor Brewer’s move was equally bold because her lawsuit against the DOJ  included a Cease and Desist Order. She managed to serve the C & D Order on ATF Agents at the Flea Market where they were selling heavy artillery.   Later that day she personally called Attorney General Holder and gave him a great suggestion. She said, “Since the Texas border is longer than ours, why don’t you just smuggle guns into Mexico from Texas and sell them in Mexico?”  His first response was that based on Mexican law it was illegal to smuggle guns into Mexico and secondly, he said, “Jan, do you know what those people are like, it is far too dangerous.”

Holder followed up with the Governor by asking why she was “making a such big deal about a measly couple of million dollars in gun sales?”   She said, “To be honest with your Eric, you started it when you sent me that letter requiring the Girl Scouts to have permits to sell cookies.”  “You said it was to protect the people, so I will be damned if I let you sell guns to drug dealers in Arizona without a permit.”

 After a short pause, the Attorney General replied, “Jan, I will get back to you. I have a long distance call on the other line.  I think it’s Mexico with another order for AK-47s.”


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