Obama and the Democrats Just Keep On Giving

It has been a very rough week for the President and his minions. Between Weinergate and the Presidents non-scripted comments, someone should put a muzzle on any Democrat near a micro-phone.

Below are three stories: two are false and one is true.

On the Ann Curry Morning Show, Obama blamed the poor showing of his Jobs Agenda on ATMs resulting in unemploying bank tellers.  He said his latest program would employ almost two million people in the next thirty days.  He will soon be signing an Executive Order requiring all ATMs to be “manned or womaned” 24 hours a day.  He said the new program would immediately “create or save” 1 million high tech jobs. There would also be a Jobs Training Program for proper PIN usage.  In addition to the increase in these high tech jobs, due to safety concerns, each ATM Operator will be assigned a Personal Safety Officer, who will be armed. This will add another 1 million jobs. Since the security jobs will require handgun experience, all recruiting will take place in the Inner Cities.  The President assured Ann that Drug Dealing will not be allowed while on duty.

Story Number 2.  Shamed, but not forgotten, Congressman Anthony Weiner had a combative press conference after consulting with former President Clinton.  It was reported that Clinton said that he should have “manned up” and admitted that he did not have sex with those women.  Clinton told him. “You should always have a Blue Dress handy, without that people just won’t believe your story.”   He added, real men don’t  have telephone sex. They have sex with real people. He said he got that advice “straight” from Barney Frank. The former President told him if he needed an alibi he would give him Monica’s number, he said “She needs the press anyway.”  Before the President left, he apologized for his comment, “If you wait long enough this whole thing will blow over, heh, heh, heh, no pun intended.”

It was reported that the resigned Weiner and his wife would be spending a couple of days in the Hamptons. She will be in North Hampton and he will be staying in South Hampton where they  have better cell phone service for imaging.

Story Number 3.  Friday at the White House, Press Secretary Carney, exhausted from a tough week of trying to defend stupidity, said he had nothing to report. The White House Press Briefing website indicated  another deep concern from the press corp. Question #4 was, “Will the press have access to the President tomorrow  while he is playing golf?”

Okay, I made up the first two stories.  The third one is True.  With the country and the world in turmoil isn’t it reasonable to assume that just about anything would be more important than following the President around the golf course?

Educational Tidbit of the Week: Thanks to A. Weiner we have added  another expression to our lexicon. “How’s your Tony?”


2 responses to “Obama and the Democrats Just Keep On Giving

  1. Mover
    And someone willing to do extensive research regarding lady centric physical attributes.
    But let’s not forget to throw the Frank out with his buns….

  2. Dude! You need a “WARNING: Graphic Liberal Stupidity” lable on that Clinton/Wiener photo.

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