Obama’s Good News Bad News

Obama’s Good News Bad News

“I think he can be ready, but right now I don’t think he  is.  The presidency is not some-thing that lends itself  to on the job training.”  Joe Biden talking about Barack Obama.

  I have always been told it is better to get the bad news  out first and then follow up on a positive note to leave people feeling  reassured. Despite what Joe Biden said, there is a bright spot on the horizon.

 First the bad news.

This week we discovered the President appears to have put a bullet in the head of our economic recovery. He said the headwinds were heading South on the economy.  This followed some bad press  from the London Telegraph that listed all his embarrassing faux pas’s on his European visit.  Apparently, Europe does not like the president half as much as the Muslin Nations do.

 In trying to get in the good graces of The Queen, after forgetting to bow, he asked for the Churchill Bust back that used to be in the White House. Returning the bust was reported to be his first official act as president right after he and Michelle took the girls for a ride  on Air Force One. He told her Royal Majesty that his Interior Decorator told him it was a paper weight and since he wasn’t planning on being in the Oval Office much he didn’t need it. He told the Queen that he would like it back and offered to pay the shipping. He said if she would be kind enough to return it he would pay for it personally with his Pay Pal account.

 To add insult to injury this week: his Birth Certificate Advisory Team jumped ship just ahead of the surviving member of his Economic Advisory Board, Austin Goolsbee. There was a little confusion in the White House Press Release regarding Goolsbee’s departure after his bad stint on the Sunday Morning Talk Shows. It seems that the Press Release was written by an Intern and it wasn’t clear if Austin was leaving to get an education or was returning to education. It was also mentioned  that he wanted to brush up on his economics before entering the Private Sector where being right was considered kind of important.

 On the brighter side, here is the good news.

Obama has been able to take three strokes off this golf game since entering the White  House.  Press Secretary Carney  acknowledged that the rumors are true: the President is looking forward to a grudge match with Tiger Woods.  Tiger dropped out of the US Open due to physical problems and felt his game was off.   Obama thought this was a good time to  challenge the Champ because you never want a good crisis to go to waste.


3 responses to “Obama’s Good News Bad News

  1. The Borg – the dim witted Dems follow blindly – without questioning – just mechanically obeying. The unions have worked for years to remove individual thought process – “collective bargaining”. The Dems hand out social services to remove individual incentive.

    The death of independence…death by a thousand paper cuts ~ or a thousand social programs. College students don’t even have to leave campus to sign up for and receive food stamps…”no…your parents don’t need to know we’re sucking you into the lure of easy money – hell, it’s FREE money…” Is the harm that is falling on our country because of what is being done (spread the military thin – retard recovery – increase financial dependence of the masses – unemployment/underemployed – WIC/EBT/Food Stamps – etc)

    Barry is our wake up call. This is OUR on the job training. We can no longer ignore the news – no longer ignore laws that are written – be aware of the arrogance in these elected officials. This is OUR house – OUR senate and it’s time we remind them of that.

    But I digress… The Borg…mindless followers.

  2. Good writing Phil, I enjoy your style. Very fun and entertaining! Sherry Lynn from Facebook!

  3. Hi Phil……WOW….. great humor writing …

    You are good at creating .satire that has a ring of truth given the associations and past and present behavior of the current occupant of The People’s House!

    I look forward to more of this style!

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